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2015 Pinot Noir

2015 Pinot Noir

SKU: 2015PN

2015 Pinot Noir

Colombia Gorge Red Wine 13% Alc – 8 cases available

This wine is light, bright and full of flavor. That pretty much sums it up! Its uniqueness comes from how we made it. This wine was hand squeezed, hand managed, hand pressed, and hand bottled. Untouched by any fancy equipment but induced with love from a few sets of caring hands.

This wine was barrel aged for 2 years in half barrels. Only 10 cases were made and were kept aside for my brother and I to drink and enjoy, as to keep our hands off the rest of our inventory. This vineyard no longer exists because it was grafted over into Nebbiolo, so this is the last chance to taste the fruits of this specific terroir.

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