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Screenshot 2023-05-28 at 10-29-32 Adrian Cornejo and Nueva Aventura Wines Sunday June 11th


Our story begins with our Father, Manuel, working as a Forman for an organic pear & apple orchard named Pheasant Valley for about 33 years. Over time the orchard evolved into Pheasant Valley Vineyard & Winery, which we spent well over 2 years chopping down 18+ acres of pear and apple trees to create a beautiful organic vineyard from scratch. So naturally, growing up we became farming boys thru and thru.

I, Adrian and my bother Hernan spent much of our time caring for the land, harvesting & packing its fruit, crafting a drinkable work of art, selling that art and everything in between.

Eventually we both worked our way into the cellar. And there we stayed, learning, shadowing and picking up all kinds of techniques from an array of different winemakers. Now working alongside Hiyu Wine Farm, we have been given an opportunity to purchase locally grown grapes from around the area to produce and present our version of quality wine.  

With our extensive experience and excitement to embark on new adventures, Nueva Aventura Wines was born! Founded in 2015, we have produced over 10 different vintages in small lots using natural authentic & low intervention practices with local quality grapes. We invite you to taste the secret worth waiting for!



Interview with Adrian by Rich Schmidt

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