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Mezcolanza Blanca

Mezcolanza Blanca

SKU: 2020MZB

A 50/50 blend of organic Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc from the volcanic soil of the Columbia Valley. This dry white wine has delightful aromas of flowers and apples that gently lead your palate into a light oaky butter and vanilla flavors, with a hint of salty green olives.

50 Cases/$35 Bottle


    Wine orders and subscriptions are available for shipping twice a year in Spring and Fall. After the order deadline date, we will ship all the orders at once from our warehouse.

    Due to State Wine Shipping Regulations, each state differs regarding wine shipping permits and regulations. We can only ship to the following states:

    • California
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    Offsite purchases refer to wine shipments that are purchased by the consumer through wine clubs, phone, fax or online means. Allows wine shippers to ship to consumers who order wine from wineries, retailers, and online sites and have them delivered to the consumer’s home or office. There are state and quantity restrictions on wine allowed to be shipped, the payment of state taxes, and the requirements for labeling and other procedures.

    If you have us ship wine to you via ground delivery service, we are NOT responsible for damage or loss and will not replace the wine or refund your money.

    You must be 21+ years of age to purchase, pickup and receive wine deliveries. Age verification required.

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